Nick Cool

I am one of those strange people who always knew what they wanted to do from an early age. As a kid the simple plastic box camera was with me at family reunions. I attended Ohio University and finished with a BFA fine art photography degree in 1981. Since then I have photographed in all but 4 states and Mexico/Canada for fortune 500 companies and smaller industrial interests. 

A photograph should tell a story through interesting light and graphics. I try to make this happen with each client by asking questions and understanding their needs and interests, what their perspective is and they want to convey. It’s always a process of team effort and communication. 

Michelle Patrick

I have worked for what is now The Image Works since 1987.  That is when I graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, earning my degree in Photography/Multimedia.

I was a mere child when I began working for Nick!

Personally, during that time to the present, I was married to the love of my life, we had 2 sons that I am incredibly proud of and have built a wonderful family life together, I am blessed.

Professionally, over the years, the scope of practice has changed dramatically as we started out working with film and chemistry in labs and darkrooms. Presently, we photograph with digital technology and post-photo production happens in front of a computer screen. Although the process is very different now, the enjoyment I receive in doing what I do is still what keeps me in this field.

The relationships I have built over the years with clients and associates are priceless to me and I live each day with a grateful heart, loving what I do.

1440 Quaker Court,  Salem  Ohio  44460